Friday, May 30, 2014

B Favors: Theme songs, life advice and peonies

Getting back to blogging this week has come effortlessly. After being away for so long, I built up pressure about coming back better than ever. I'm not saying I'm there but I have loved the kind words from my friends to encourage me to get back to something I love. Speaking of things I love, this is my Friday B Favors list that pretty much sums up my life at the moment. Happy Friday!

ONE | Still at the beginning but Emily Giffin hasn't disappointed me yet. 
TWO | This song is dancing in your underwear kind of theme song. 
THREE | 20 Things you need to accept about your 20s. This is real life people. 
FOUR | How to make your fresh peonies last. 
FIVE | I couldn't write a better beginners guide to juicing. Start here!

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