Thursday, June 10, 2010

B Blue

  In a previous post I explained how I have sometimes become color obsessed. Last time it was coral and without even realizing it I guess I was feeling a bit blue. Turquoise, sky, cerulean-- there are alot of different shades of blue and they've all found their way into my closet.

Tory Burch 'Miller' Logo Thongs are the perfect compliments to brightly painted toes! Try a color other than blue so that they pop against the turquoise. If you ever paid attention in art class you should know that orange would be a great compliment.
This is one of my favorite finds from Urban Outfitters recently, finding its way into every ensemble. I bought with this gut feeling I had seen it somewhere. Just a mere week later, looking through old pictures I discovered my best friends owns it. Typical.

Banana Rebuplic is my secret jewelry go-to place. I always find miraculous pieces with killer price points during sales. Add BR to your next jewelry find checklist.

Anthropologie never does me wrong. While getting distracted in search of a graduation present I came upon this necklace and even pretended that my intention was to give it to the graduate. But when really when there is only one left, I knew who it was coming home with. (Thankfully I didn't, she owns that one too!)

If you've been reading Just B long enough you should know this post wouldn't get far without a mention of some nail polish. You've already seen Chanel Turqouise and I loved so much I just kept finding other suitable blues. OPI's No Room For The Blues is vibrant and a good hue for summer. And in a last minute phone order I chose Artful Dodger from Butter London and can't wait to try it.. only so many fingers and toes.

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