Monday, June 28, 2010

B Familiar: Vogue photoshoot

In Vogue's July issue the stunning french actress Marion Cotillard posed in gorgeous surroundings. How many times have you been looking at Vogue magazine and realize that you've dined in that exact place? Maybe not too often especially when the location is in the French country.

Stunned by the Dolce and Gabbana dress on the first page of the spread I flipped pages and couldn't miss the stone wall behind Cotillard. Right away I knew this was the La Bastide De Marie hotel and spa where family and friends of mine lunched almost exactly two years ago. I remember we sat outside in the gorgeous courtyard, ate amazing food and walked away jealous of the wonderful bookcase. The grounds were surrounded by lavender leaving a scent you most won't forget.

The entrance to La Bastide De Marie.

A bookcase you would dream of.

The food was absolutely delicious. Lavender as a garnish complimented the plate.

 I am having so many familiar moments with this property. I took this picture at La Bastide De marie since I own a copy of this Picasso drawing in my own home.

The French can decorate and dine with absolute taste. I understand why Vogue chose this location to photograph Marion Cotillard.

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