Friday, June 11, 2010

B Sold

Fashion is always quick and changing periodically but there's a empty time between Spring and Fall runway shows that almost leaves the noise of crickets. So what did they discover years ago to fill the gap? Resort wear!

Monday morning I had a front row seat to Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011 via a live webcast and just a few seconds into the show was I dreaming of cocktails on a yacht in the South of France. It was a nice get away for my redundant Monday. I also walked away (or clicked away) from the show with some other discoveries that may be a bit more realistic?

The iPad was released just a couple months ago and I was impressed but unsure to what I could use the iPad for. I have an iPhone that obsessively doesn't leave my side and a macbook at home that I tote back and forth to school. Some reccommended that it's great for travel. Do I travel? Yes, but the macbook is easy to travel with too. Some recommended it for downloading e-books. Yes, I love to read but the kindle is less expensive and does just that.

Then Oscar came into my life on Monday with the deal breaker. An iPad case! How adorable is it? I briefly had a small thought before I discovered the case that the iPad would be the perfect way for me to post blogs on the beach. I might have found myself a new office with sand between my toes. Tell me you aren't sold?

No? Don't worry, your excuse will come..

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