Wednesday, July 21, 2010

B Ambitious: Man Shops Globe down under

Just 9 months ago I was raving about the new show Man Shops Globe with Anthropologie's buyer-at-large Keith Johnson. It was now a month ago that Keith Johnson returned for a second season. Everytime I watch an episode I find myself getting lost in the culture a few moments away from packing my bags and moving.

Anyone who is inspired would be challenged and influenced by Keith's travels. Rachel Jones at Black & Eiffel agrees since she too couldn't resist a blog about this traveling wonder. Last week's episode Keith traveled down under to Australia in search of unique designers to feature in the Anthropologie stores. He met with Australian stylist Sibella Court, a woman I could write a whole blog post on seperately. Her boutique The Society Inc., is located in the heart of Paddington. To stay refreshed Sibella renovates every 3 months. Each design has a different theme and is shown through every detail.

While Sibella and Keith traveled throughout Australia they learned that scallops are always served in its shell in Australia and artisans in Australia are creating new ideas that are different than any other culture.

In the episode, Sibella wore this romper and paired it with a fedora and aviators when roaming. She sweats style from every pore.

One of many shelves in Sibella's shop.

A gorgeous paper owl by one of the featured artists, Anna-wili Highfield in the episode. {This one is hanging in Sibella's bedroom}

Noelle Rigaudie a french artist moved to Australia to focus on her cardboard creations. Cardboard has a special place in my heart as being the family business, but any can appreciate the ornate French designs Noelle is capable of creating.

A new episode of Man Shops Globe premieres tonight on the Sundance channel. You can also download the episodes on iTunes, highlight of my Wednesday night when a new download begins.


Rin said...

I am so glad you watch this show! I didn't think anyone else did! My mom showed it to me and the places he goes and the things he finds are so facsinating!!

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Thanks for the mention :) so sweet!

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