Thursday, July 22, 2010

B Love: Courtney, life after Birkin

The first thought of Cuurtney Love you have may be a lot of things and certainly rare that high fashion is one of them. I had a skewed view of the rehab junkie but yesterday's profile of the artist in Women's Wear Daily made me see something new.

Sick of seeing her worst fashion moments page after page on google image. Courtney took charge by posting her own outfits on She doesn't post herself personally but sends it to anonymous writers that will share for her.

A woman who once burned a whole Marc Jacob's collection given to her (I know, it's horrible) now categorizes her life as "before and after Birkin" as in Hermes. After reading the article I found myself on her site surprised of how different this woman was than the one I remember from that MTV video awards clip. But don't think she's totally reformed or tamed her ways, she still shows her edge and love for grunge even in four inch Louboutins.

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