Monday, July 26, 2010

B one year old: A celebration of Just B

A year ago today, I wrote a silly story about a shopping trip.  I posted it on the internet with no intention of anyone actually finding it interesting. Since then I have written  119 other posts and been visited by almost 5,700 people around the world.  I have bought a ridiculous amount of nail polish and probably topped that number with Rebecca Minkoff purchases.

Just B started as a hobby and a creative outlet for my writing and inspirations. I am excited that it has grown to what is and has plans for the future. Here is a just a quick look back at the last year according to me, B.

Where it all began... B Addictive: A silly story where a girl gets lost in Saks and comes out with her first Jimmy Choos all to the thanks of President Obama

Nail polish addiction starts. B's first 5 nail polish recommendations in B Experimental.

B Deadly first defined the word lust. My feeling for fall trends of 2009

Still my favorite nail polish color of the year-- B Jaded. and when it became B rewarded.

A school project gone B mad with the world's favorite trend.


Tragedy hit the fashion world. B Remembered.

B Emotional: Confessions of an emotional shopper.

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