Friday, July 16, 2010

B Bookmarked: Weekly findings

It has come to the end of another week and I have began to look back at how much inspiration has influenced my ideas the last week. As another school quarter began my creative wheel started turning in my head and I couldn't get my brain off the blog. So along the way of researching and studying here are some things I found worthy enough to add to my forever long bookmarks.

I am the biggest fan of birthdays and don't know how I didn't find the Birthday Girl Blog before. The 2nd and 4th posts highlighted my love of CSI and chocolate. You can't go missing the gourmet s'mores. Guaranteed add on to my next camping trip. Okay, I don't camp but really who needs an excuse for these.

Most of you may already be aware of Jane Aldridge's blog Sea of Shoes. If you aren't, go and bookmark now! Well anyways she's a well experienced fashion blogger at just the age of 18. I finally stumbled upon her mother's blog, Atlantis Home. I feel a bit short on this but glad I finally made the discovery. Some of her cooking recipes look amazing and will definitely be worth trying along with a few DIY projects she's taking on with her daughter.

Happy weekend!

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