Friday, May 06, 2011

B Bakes: Salted caramel cupcakes

I reach for anything with sea salt. My favorite sweets are always something with a bit of salt so I was on the mission to find the best salted caramel cupcake recipe. I went ahead with this one and was amazed at how good the cake part was. Typically the frosting is my favorite but the salted caramel cake out did the frosting which was hard to get the right consistency so I tried another recipe and it was perfect. Perfect treat to bake for your mom this weekend? I think so.


Anonymous said...

I saw a gorgeous recipe for these the other day, I'm keen to give them a go :) :) :)

annie@mostlovelythings said...

This looks current post is chocolate cake with carmel frosting, but how much cooler (not to mention delicious)would it have been to think of adding pink sea salt...which I happen to have. This is exactly what I love about blogs. Your brilliant!

Viv said...

just found the post that you had on creating a DIY neon bag with the american apparel clutch (via another girl's blog).. such an awesome DIY and i totally want to try it out :)

Lesley said...

OMG I'm drooling! I'm making these STAT!

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