Wednesday, May 04, 2011

B Sketched: Inslee blogger illustrations

Last week I found a few fashion water color illustrations that I shared on Sunday Snippets and now I found a new illustrator I can't stop looking at. Inslee Haynes commissions illustrations for different publications as well as designs her own stationary. Browsing through her blog I saw so many of her drawings inspired by some of my favorite bloggers. I need one of these one day. I love this project she did for a recent bride to gift her bridesmaids.
Atlantic Pacific

The Glamourai


The Man Repeller


Some Style... said...

lovem! wish it could be that easy for me to illustrate! ;) xoxo

Brookelyn said...

wow, these are gorgeous!

le sorelle said...

these are beautiful! i wish i had one, too!

sorelle in style

Lucía said...

wow I love those illustrations. I always wish I could draw stuff like that... I like your blog, I'm following you on bloglovin'

La Petite Princesse said...

like it!

jenna said...

genius genius--they're beautiful!!

i bought pleather and am ready to make my own AA clutch, stay tuned--i'm adding a little somethin somethin extra.

B- check out my new material on Etsy. Each piece is PERFECT for summer!


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