Monday, May 23, 2011

B Spills: Some personal news

I've started this blog post over and over because I wasn't sure how I wanted to tell everyone I am moving back to Seattle. Okay, there it is. Since graduation I have tried to figure out where the best place for me to be. I had dreams of moving and starting new in an unfamiliar place. It took a little fighting and some hesitation but I have decided that the best place for me to be right now is back home in Seattle where my family is.

Moving to another place is still an option  but while in limbo (that post-graduation phase) Seattle is the place to be. I will continue to put my heart into this blog and work on other freelance opportunities. So for you, this isn't much of a change. I will still continue to blog about what I love. Just be honest with me and let me know if my complaints of the Seattle rain has gotten to be too much.

I have always been jealous of the Arizona snow birds that head north before the 100 degrees hit and now I am one of them. Seattle is a gorgeous place to be in the summer and I'm looking forward to share more of it here. I will be making the road trip in less than two weeks and making sure of seeing some sights and friends along the way.

So there it is, the announcement is now public, I'm moving to Seattle.


Unknown said...

I think having family near by is such a great thing. Plus, it will give you time to regroup and think of your next big move! Cherish the time, grow as a person, and then (when you're ready) spread your wings and fly! You will be such a success where ever you go.

Unknown said...

Best of luck to you in Seattle, Brooke! I'm sure great things are in store for you!

On a completely different note, I absolutely LOVE all of the blog layout changes you've been doing lately, and all of the DIY posts! Your blog has come to be one of my absolute favorites!

Anonymous said...

all the best wishes..lived in Seattle, well outside of it for over a year..and it was great! still miss good times! xoxo

and the rain isn't that bad, and it never get really cold there..

let me know how things are going!

KT Barnes said...

eep! now i can FINALLY meet you in person!

Alessa said...

so glad i can be a pit stop on your road trip :)

Alison said...

Yay! We'll have to get coffee when you get out here. :)

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