Wednesday, June 01, 2011

B Pretty: A small break...

Packing hasn't gotten the worst of me yet but the last couple days I never thought packing my closet would be so overwhelming. I am vowing now to clean out my closet every season and not get emotionally attached to clothes. Hold me to that! I needed a break from packing to re group and came across these gorgeous photos of Kate Moss for Vogue Brazil. I just needed something pretty to look at before I get back to the dirty of organizing my life into a few boxes.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures of Kate! I find that a glass of wine always helps me organize better :)

LucĂ­a said...

Moving out somewhere is the weirdest feeling. Knowing that you wont be there in a long time and packing all your life in BOXES, specially when you have to throw stuff away it is truly overwhelming so good luck with it. Love the pictures.

Janka said...

I just saw this editorial, it´s amazing !! And I love zour blog , very inspirational ! :)

Chocolate Muse

Anonymous said...

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