Wednesday, June 01, 2011

B Wants: Sailing & TOMS

Have you tried TOMS? I couldn't believe how comfortable my first pair were and now a new summer collection came out! How perfect would the yellow stitchouts be for a day on a boat? Don't think I have ever been sailing but I think it's time I grabbed some cute shoes, a bottle of rosé and hit the ocean. Who wants to join me?


style extraordinaire said...

i love toms! have you tried the wedges? they are pretty comfy for a heel. love your blog!

Tori said...

those are adorable and toms have a great cause.
but i have to say i like Sanuks can actually put them in water and wash them...and i always get mine dirty! haha

Ash said...

these are FABULOUS! Hubby just bought me my first pair of toms for my bday- they are the vegan ones that say the journey is the destination- oh i LOVE them!

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