Thursday, March 08, 2012

B Loving: Seventy degrees

It's seventy degrees in New York today, really came out of nowhere. One thing I'm learning, weather is unpredictable which is why I wish I was wearing these and not my boots today. I guess it's time to start switching out the wardrobe or is it?
image via Dolce Vita spring lookbook


What's Next said...

such a beautiful photo! loved your heels and their lovely colour :)

xx, eda

Agnes said...

So jealous of warm weather, here in Estonia is still snow everywhere... And those shoes, ahhh, just adorable! :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

Sigh. Perfection in a box;)
Have a lovely weekend ahead!

Aydani said...

love your heels and photo! :))

pancakeSTACKER said...

oh DV! what a beautiful color those wedges are!


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