Friday, June 07, 2013

B DIY: Balloon birthday invitations

Being an aunt is the best thing in the world. Any night of the week you can offer to babysit which in result both baby and parents think you're a hero. Baby gets someone new to play with them all night long and parents get time to themselves. And, when the time comes you get to lend your crafty hand to some birthday party planning. 

Along with my sister we got creative, made an assembly line and put together the perfect invitation and set the standards high for Mason's birthdays to come. 

I  designed a 5x7 card which included the phrase "Inflate Me!" to hold the cards in place.
Punching two holes in the middle of the 5x7 card and weaving through yarn to hold the balloon in place.
Embossed envelopes to create a finished border for mailing addresses.

TIP: Before heating emboss powder, use Q-Tip to wide away excess to create clean lines

Heat with embossing tool and set aside to cool.
Finished product, ready to assemble!
And when the invite made it to the recipient, all that was left was to blow up the balloon...
I designed the graphic on Illustrator then ordered printed balloons from!


Rin said...

Girl! These are adorable and look great! I love a good DIY that involves an embossing gun!

Katja Nyquist said...


This is so creative and unique! I would have never thought of this. Highly going to consider this!

GREAT post! :)

xo KCN

Anonymous said...

This is a really cute and creative idea!


Maiah said...

TOO GOOD. love it. you're like your own version of anthrpologie birthday cards (which are always my favorite).


Toyosi said...

I've never seen anything like it! I think I might do this for my 16th birthday!

Nicole Marie said...

that is too cute!!

Cuttysark said...

I love your birthday invitations. The balloon is a wonderful idea, even the wordings is great. Thank you for sharing!

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