Thursday, December 17, 2009

B Copied

I have been suggested a few times to post my outfits on here to show my readers new looks. But for someone who possibly changes their outfit twice a day and maybe takes about 5 times to find 1 of those outfits, that would be quite a bit of posting. But just yesterday while working I received so many comments on my outfit that I thought I would share.

First off ladies, if you do not already have a pair of double knit leggings or ponte pants as their sometimes called, you must. I bought this Seven For All Mankind pair when I began back at Nordstrom and I haven't been able to take them off. They are so comfortable and cute with the classic Seven pockets that appear to have them be black denim. I have worn them with both flats and easily slipped them in boots. To offset the tighter bottom I instantly grabbed this Bellatrix top once it came onto our floor. This silk top is so easy to throw on and still look put together, not too mention the gorgeous purple.

Almost every time I wear my boots to work I have people asking "who makes those?" "where'd you get those boots??". I got my boots last summer and if you can remember far back was featured in own of my first blog postings. I tried desperately to find the exact boots for my readers but unfortunately I can't find them anywhere, I guess it was a good idea for me to buy fall boots in the summer! These Steve Madden Entyce boots are similar style and same color as mine. I wore this chestnut brown because it compliments the purple and pops against the black.

My favorite part of this outfit was probably honestly my nail color. Now don't think that I go around and change my nails every day to compliment my outfit. Who has time for that? (though it would be great). I just coincidently painted my nails this amazing OPI color the day before named Pamplona Purple and realized it just about the exact same purple. It's a vibrant color on your nails and great getaway from staple red this holidays.

This outfit is literally three pieces that I threw on without effort and became instantly cozy chic I like to say. Feel free to switch any of the three out but this is definetely a staple for this winter of skinny leggings/jeans, a long tunic and boots that will get you out of the house and say goodbye to just another sweatsuit.

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