Tuesday, October 19, 2010

B Minxed: Celebrity manicure Minx nails

I research nail trends pretty frequently since I like to switch it up  and when I discovered Minx nails it was a must do. Though the company has been around for 5 years it hasn't been until Rihanna and Katy Perry started getting Minx that made it a phenomenon. I studied the website. I researched other bloggers experience and discovered that I have to try this out for myself.

Only a certified Minx professional can properly apply the nails so I did my search and found my nail guru. I already knew the style I wanted after looking at the website and being inspired by Katy Perry decided to go with the golden lightning cheetah pattern.

The film is applied to your nail by a very hot heat source and could burn you if let under too long. Though once the film is applied to your nail it is up to your professional to make it look like perfection. Some other bloggers recorded that the film is already curved so it can't fit to your nail perfectly. Thankfully my nail esthetician was a p-r-o pro and shaped to my nail. Amazing.

Though I've been told that my finger nails will only last about a week though if you were to do your toes it could last up to six weeks. Everyone keeps asking if its for a special occasion but nope. I'm just a girl that loves nails and want to try everything I can.

 If you're in Arizona, you can't go to anyone else. For all other states check the Minx salon locator here.


Lucy said...

I got my nails minxed for the first time a few weeks ago - I got the gold ones, and I've never had so much attention (in a good way) to my nails before :-)

Unknown said...

Ooh, I love the leopard. So cute! I live in Scottsdale too! Fun to find another blogger that lives nearby!


Alison said...

Ooo, girl, your nails look so fierce! I have yet to find my perfect nail salon here in Boston. Now my nails have to live up to yours!

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