Monday, October 18, 2010

B Fallen: Chanel makeup

As you've seen on Just B my love for Chanel polish started at one little bottle and has grown to 5 bottle impulse buys. I have fallen in love with the polish because of its great wear and colors. When you don't know what color polish you should be wearing per season I always go with the fall back "What is Chanel wearing?". Right answer every time.

Saturday I had an appointment at the Chanel counter because of the Nordstrom Trend Show event and I wanted to experience Chanel a bit more. Luckily for me I was also graced with Chanel national makeup artist John Fussell's presence. This man is a makeup genius and I loved everything he said. He made everyone pinky swear to fall in love with Chanel makeup. I should have crossed my fingers.

While another artist did most of my makeup John came over at just the right time. He looked at me right away and said "you need a nude lip." I was relieved because I am not one to wear lip color and his response was perfect.
"When you wear lip color what do you want people to say? I love your lip color or I love your lips?"
 Power of a nude lip. I walked away wearing Chanel's rouge allure gloss in insouciance. It is the new staple in my purse. Along with the eye shadow palette 19 Enigma that John says is in all in the upcoming magazine issues this fall. I should have crossed my fingers because I can't get enough of Chanel makeup. I have fallen in love.

I couldn't walk away without the new holiday red polish.

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