Thursday, June 30, 2011

B Pinned: DIY Felt pom hair pin

As I've been growing out my hair, my bangs have gotten to that awkward stage where I'm trying to find new ways to keep them back. I've seen so many pom decorations lately that I wanted to take the trend to my hair. This DIY is so simple and just needs a hot glue gun and a barrette to hold the pom.
With felt cut out circles 1 1/2 wide in diameter fold in half placing glue directly in the middle, keeping the shape but not glueing the sides together. Fold again in half glueing the same way. Repeat step three more times until you have four folded pieces.

Glue all four pieces together creating a circle. Fluff up felt, then glue to a barrette or pin of your choice!


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