Tuesday, June 14, 2011

B Sipping: Casual champagne

A few weeks ago I posted the quote below to my tumblr and loved how many agreed with me that this quote by Hester Browne holds true. When do you have a glass of champagne? A celebration? A party? What about on a Sunday night? Sometimes there is more of just a reason to celebrate. I think more champagne just because needs to happen so why not add some gold shimmer in your ensemble as well. Cheers!

1. TopShop gold eyeshadow
2. Kate Spade lido flats
3. J Crew gold belt
4. Chanel Gold Lame polish


LucĂ­a said...

I have a similar nailpolish from Revlon, I love it

Molli said...

theres always an excuse for champagne!

Unknown said...

Love that quote! :) Goes hand in hand! Those Kate Spade shoes are fabulous and so comfy.

libby said...

i've had a bottle of champagne in my fridge for a year, but agree that its always good to have a bottle on hand ready to open!


Blicious said...

love the flats!!


Thrift_Queen said...

great selection again:)
i am crazy about this belt, so sad we don't have j crew here:(

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