Monday, September 26, 2011

B Covered

Lets admit, iphone and ipad cases are like a new handbag. You wear one long enough you get sick of it and need to swtich it up. Here are some tech things that are on my wish list as of late including a key chain with a hidden usb. Where was that when I was back in school?
1. In case Ace hotel iphone case
2. Ted Baker ipad case
3. Diane Von Furstenburg laptop case
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs USB key ring
5. Case mate mustache iphone case


Lesley said...

Haha when I get an iphone I'm totally getting that mustache iphone case! Too cute!

Logan Living said...

oh that first iphone case is just wonderful!!!

CapeCodCollegiate said...

All my friends do is make fun of how often I change my iPhone case! So glad someone understands the need to switch it up... often.. haha

Great post

Shoe.Gal said...

I love the mustache case! I am planning to get an iPhone when the new one is released next month and cannot wait to get some cute cases. There are not nearly as many options for BlackBerry users.

Sabby V said...

Love the Ted Baker case! Such a great color!

P.S. Love the blog and all your great tips


ipad 3 cover said...

Wow, this looks cool! I love this case!

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