Wednesday, September 07, 2011

B Away from the desk

But don't worry, I have my iPad and iPhone in tow so I can live tweet all the juicy details for you! It was a rough start with a flight delay yesterday and maneuvering around my outfit options with the downpour in the East but I'm a giddy school girl this morning. I know I'm suppose to act sly and casual, you know this is an everyday thing but I can't! Diane Von Furstenberg, The Kardashians and Rebecca Minkoff are going to be just feet from me today. I suggest you turn your computer screen away from your boss and watch the live stream here or just keep checking my twitter and facebook because there will be a lot of good content coming!

P.S. You can now shop online on starting today! Just face it, none of us are getting away work done.



Ranu said...

Yay sounds great! Enjoy, can't wait to hear about it!

Logan Living said...

That is fabulous!

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