Monday, September 19, 2011

B Spilled: What's in my gym bag

Getting to the gym can sometimes be an impossible task but I've learned that the more I'm prepared, the least amount excuses I have to leave early and call it a day.
The gym bag: There are qualities about gym bags you don't begin to appreciate until you're a regular attender. I quickly learned that having a bag with two different compartments is best to keep my sweaty gym clothes and shoes away from my fresh clothes. This Nike bag is a great size that is easy to carry with over the shoulder handles and a long strap for a crossbody. Comes in many colors but I prefered the classic black so that I don't grow bored.

Shoes: I have been a huge fan of Nike frees because of their lightweight and comfortability, not too mention the color choices. Though when looking for something for more support for training I went for the motion fit free from Nike that gives me everything I loved in a free but with more support. This color combination has turned more heads than anything in my closet. It's debatable they glow in the dark and regardless of how tired I feel I can't help but feel energized with these neon kicks.

Music: When was the last time you saw someone at the gym without headphones? When I get to listen to my music I tend to obsess less about my distance or time while doing cardio. I love using my ipod touch in the gym because I can still browse the internet from wifi but am not interrupted by texts or calls that could stray me from my workout.

Headband: Every girl with bangs knows the importance of a headband in her gym bag. I have tried many kinds but the best fit for my is my lululemon adjustable headband. Ladies, you know how hard it is to find a headband that stays on your head and won't cut off your blood circulation, here you go!

Tanktop: The importance of a great top that won't sweat through has more impact than just keeping you dry. I don't have to worry about sweat stains nor does the modern racer tank ride up while I'm doing my cardio. This top doesn't come in enough colors for how often I want to wear it!

Face: There's a saying around the gym that says "if you look pretty, you aren't doing it right." I go by this and typically look like a wet dog of each workout. I may not have the time to completely shower and re dress after a work out so I keep these neutrogena deep clean wipes in my bag to pick up dirt and oil built up from my workout to prevent breakouts. (I even take another and wipe down areas of my sports bra wear more sweat gathers.)


Jamie @ charmingly ordinary said...

So, so smart about the facial wipes. I usually work out in the late afternoon and then come home with my little guy and have to cook dinner and blah blah, so I rarely have time to shower immediately. Definitely going to start doing this... XO!

Leya said...

lovely post! :)

Ria said...

Good idea to take the facial wipes. Now if I could motivate my butt into the gym haha.

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