Friday, February 15, 2013

B Favors

Another week, another list of favorites.
ONE | SUPERFEET: Introducing the best thing to happen to your feet since heated slippers. I've been known to wear the wrong shoes all sorts of places. These insoles work in the smallest of flats, with only taking up half of your shoe they will fit all sizes and give you support! Sold at Nordstrom or online.

TWO | JEWELRY UNDER $10: I go through most jewelry like I do with shampoo. Wear it out then it's time to switch it up to something different. I've been impressed with the collections I've found via Asos, Forever 21 and, all places I go for best priced jewels!

THREE | WORKOUT HEADGEAR: Admittedly, I get sweaty during my workouts. Esspecially during a tough spin class and rarely have the time to fix my hair mid uphill push. The Lululemon Bang Buster headband is the best to keep sweat out of my face while staying snug on my head without being too tight.

FOUR | DESTROYED DENIM: My latest denim go-to. Pair with preppy sweater and formal shoes it's effortless.

FIVE | RUBBER STAMPS: Here's something new about me: I collected rubber stamps as a child. I was a craft freak (now you get why I love DIYs) and begged my parents to buy me a new stamp every trip to the craft store. I love these custom monogram stamps from Ampersandity on Etsy. Ordering these ASAP.


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Oh I must try the Superfeet. New reader to your blog via Coco + Kelley. :)

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