Wednesday, February 13, 2013

B Mine: Gifts for yourself

"Don't forget! Valentines Day is just a day away!" A sign I saw recently saw in a store reminding me of February 14th. As if we could forget between all the pink ribbon and heart shaped chocolates that Valentines Day is tomorrow. It's expected for us single girls to be bitter and hate the day with a large bottle of wine. I hate to disappoint but I love a holiday that reminds to love.

There are a lot of things I've loved in my life and much more I'll continue to learn to love. Whether your single, dating or found the one you're to be with take tomorrow to enjoy loving the life you're living. And splurging on a gift for yourself isn't a bad idea either (next day shipping?)
1. Catbird First knuckle hammered gold ring
2. Hot Cakes chocolate molten cake take and bake
3. C. Wonder heart pillow
4. Kate Spade heart stud earrings
5. Aerin round match striker
6. Tory Burch Robinson satchel

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