Monday, February 04, 2013

B Snacked: Rosemary pretzel bites and cheese dip

I love when I have no intention on blogging a subject but then my Instagram blows up with requests. Being the people pleaser I am (you're welcome) I will share the crowd pleasing recipe I have loved to dish out. Rosemary pretzel bites with cheese dip! Yep, how can that go wrong.

I first made this recipe a couple months back around Christmas. The pretzel bites turned out perfect but the cheese dip was awful. Here are a few things I learned and adapted from this recipe:
  • Instead of making traditional pretzels, roll doll dough out and cut into 1-1 1/2 inch bites
  • Let the cheese dip take adequate time to thicken up after adding milk (I rushed this in my first try).
  • Salt and pepper are crucial. Season your cheese dip well but don't forget you have sea salt on the pretzels!

Overall, I have loved making this recipe. There are many little steps but simple in process and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I'm hoping to expand on my dips for the next Sunday gathering... how good does Jalapeno cheese dip sound? Yep, I'll blog it after.


Lesley said...

Mmm...your Super Bowl food looks amazing! I love pretzels!

And yay for you blogging again! :-)

Sarah Saad said...

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