Monday, February 11, 2013

B Revealed: Weekend recap

The weekend for me was a relaxing one filled with activities. Though it wasn't technically the weekend I went to Vancouver BC for a spontaneous work trip. It's been years since I've taken my last road trip up North and was pleasantly reminded of the gorgeous city. Behind the clouds in my picture and huge mountains just moments away from the city. Vancouver BC has been said to be known for their Chinese food and I got a plate full with colleagues at Lin's.
Then after returning home I had a perfectly fill weekend with getting back to the cycling studio. And while getting in some exercise on the weekend only means you can fit in some time for wine tasting in Woodinville. The weekend was perfectly finished with a sunny day that makes all the rainy day ones worth it. I love my city and so happy to be home.

BONUS: In the process of making chocolate chip cookies I discovered I had no eggs. I improvised with milk and behold, I had moist cookies I'm always looking for! Not too mention cookie dough safe to eat. It was a happy accident.


Grundulation said...

...And that cookie dough is almost gone...

Rachael said...

Okay - safely edible cookie dough?! You have me intrigued!

That Chinese food also looks totally amazing. I've never been to Vancouver but I think I would go just for that delicious spread!

Rachael @Shore Society

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