Sunday, July 26, 2009

B Addictive


Addicted to shopping that is. And I have succeeded in the last week. Coincidentally President Obama also addressed the nation this week and said in his own words to go stimulate the economy and I have to say I did a pretty great job this week. Some purchases were full price, some were sale items, others were I don’t care what price I MUST have them!

My first purchase was a great pair of dark skinny jeans from Forever 21 costing me $12.50! Yes you read that right! Now I am typically one who never hesitates on buying designer jeans. I am a jean fanatic and don’t’ see the big problem with spending $200 on a pair of jeans you will wear at least every week for a year (or until a new pair is introduced but anyways). I was happy with my jean purchase especially during the summer because I am waiting to make my brand new jean purchase till closer to the fall.

My next two purchases were straight from the online paradise. One a little practical then the other for this time of year, Cognac leather boots from Steve Madden and Gold ruffle sandals from Steve Madden. I know my boot purchase may be a little early but a girl can’t resist a pair of boots especially when you find them on sale at! What a great website concept, having full price items on sale! So as you can see I couldn’t’ resist and it was this purchase that led to the sandals. In hopes that would have these boots on sale soon thinking it’s summer, I signed up for those pestering annoying daily emails about “free shipping! (for orders over $200)” or “last chance for free shipping!” I am pretty sure you can always get free shipping on just enter SMFREESHIP at check out. So anyways I got an email announcing shoe sale and there they were in all their glory in the center of the email 40% off! I am a sucker for great advertising… and the purchase was made and a great success as it went with the new skinny jeans perfectly!

The purchase that followed was a little unnecessary and totally out of the blue. Wanting to kill sometime before class I thought I’d take a walk throughout Saks Fifth Avenue. I know I should’ve turned around once I saw the “Sale!” signs but I couldn’t resist, they drew me closer like a seagull to a shiny object. I first browsed through the handbags since I did have the thought on my mind that I wanted a new tote for school but nothing stood out to me. So then it was shoes. I had no need for another pair and was still debating whether I buy another pair of Tory Burch ‘revas’ and then I saw them… Black leather, gold, silver, pewter studs on the toe and the most adorable inside tag that stated two great words “JIMMY CHOO”. Are you with me? So I slipped off my new gold sandal and slipped on the flat, perfect fit, it was a Cinderella moment. With one eye open I flipped over the shoe to see the price $197… I’m sorry am I reading that right? I look at the sales lady and ask for the mate ASAP! Then once she’s out of sight I go digging into my purse to find my phone to make a quick call to someone that can talk some reasoning into me. NEVER leave your iphone in your car when you walk into a shopping addicts paradise! I had no back up, I had no choice but to hand her my visa, the shoes were perfect! (Shown in white below)

I know I should have stopped at the Jimmy Choos but I couldn’t help think about wanting a new tote for school, remember? And so I’d done a little browsing online and found that Longchamp came out with new colors for their ‘Le Pliage’ collection. It was called Billsbury and what seemed to look like a dark purple but as I have learned many times that colors may be deceiving online. I did what you should always do first when you find a product online. See if a store near by carries it first. This way you don’t have to wait for those pestering emails saying free shipping AND you get to enjoy your purchase right away! I know I was crazy to walk into Nordstrom within a week of their Anniversary Sale opening but I was only focused on Longchamp. I quickly rolled past the sale tables trying to find the ‘Le Pliage’ collection and Ah HA! SPOTTED the billsbury ‘le pliage’ tote in small. That’s not going to do. I need the large version; I have too many necessities for school (Blog to come on those..). So I went straight to the sales lady who really wasn’t doing much but over compliment a lady testing out a new handbag. So here I asked her can you see if this comes in the large in the back. She looks at me and says I think we sold the last one. I say, can you check anyways? See I use to work at Nordstrom, I know how easy it is to “think” you sold one thing or how you were trying to get rid of me so that you can compliment the lady trying on a way too big of handbag for her size. So I graciously tell the sales lady I will wait for her to go to look. What else was I suppose to do but look around when I was waiting for her but to browse? And you guessed it, got me into trouble. I fell in love with the most gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Studded bag. I made a mental note “make $635 STAT”. So what seems like centuries later (really 5 minutes) she runs to the back and what does she have when she comes out? Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ Large tote! I knew she was trying to get rid of me, but I gladly smile and make my purchase, tell the mini MAB I’ll be back for you later and get out of tempting land immediately!

I think President Obama would be proud of my effort of stimulating the economy. Some would think I over did it but I see a great purpose for each new item. I already have the billion outfits put together in my head! And unfortunately half of those would look great with the Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini….

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