Tuesday, July 28, 2009

B Parisian

For as long as I can remember I have loved Paris. Maybe it was the first time I went to Paris or the first time I watched Beauty and the Beast where I learned I love French culture. I was lucky enough to go to Paris for my 3rd time last summer and will never forget when a tourist asked me for directions! It made my day that he mistakened me for a native. I had an opportunity rise for me to study abroad this Fall in Paris. Unfortunately after long awaited decisions and complications it was in my best interest that this was not the time for me to experience Paris. But don’t worry my goal is not over! Just gives me more time to prepare my self for the Parisian experience and create a longer to do list. I courage you to make a To Do List for your longtime goal too! Lists are healthy, I make a lot of them!

The B Parisian To Do List so far…

- Manage to eat a croissant every morning and not gain weight

-Improve photography skills

-Learn to speak french

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