Tuesday, July 28, 2009

B Safe

I recently am new to craigslist, as a seller that is. I’m not buried under a hole; I’ve shopped on craigslist, watched specials on the craigslist killer. I even obtained my current job through craigslist! It’s a great way for people to get connected but after watching the special on the craigslist killer I have become a little skeptical and careful about selling my items. Obviously the women who were victims were not selling furniture as I am but still the Internet is a dangerous (but wonderful) place is it not. I have already received one email trying to scam me onto getting my desk and chair! Not going to happen any longer and so that it doesn’t happen to you I thought I’d write some safe guidelines for posting ads on craigslist.

  • Write as detailed description as possible and add pictures. This will minimize a number of emails you may get asking for more information and photos.
  • Be sure to be up front about payment! Cash or paypal only. Beware of money orders.
  • Avoid scams by stating local deliveries only, no shipping on this item
  • Never go meet a stranger alone! Be sure to bring a trustworthy friend with you. If pick up is at your place of residence be sure to not be there alone. Ladies, get your boy friend or good male friend to be at home with you!

For more tips or rules about posting to craigslist go here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2001046_sell-things-craigslist.html

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