Thursday, July 30, 2009

B Creative

It was Valentines Day the first time I painted pottery. The new pottery place had opened in a mall outside Seattle and it was owned by actress Jodi Bissett. My parents had taken my sisters and I to try out this new trend. Right away I loved it. Ask my dad, I'm the crafty one. One year for Christmas I made my family an extra present from my mom's empty wrapping paper rolls. Talk about eco-friendly recycling! Even though I'm sure they all ended up in the garbage. Point is, I love crafts and very creative! I think that is why painting pottery was so appealing. Since that first introduction I have painted coffee mug for my dad (that has been in the glass dining case on display since its opening), a Christmas frame for my mom (that one made it to the shelf in the family room), the snowman, bowl, and star box all recently made their way to my house after my mother decided to redesign my childhood room. I am proud of these treasures and have enjoyed each time I get to paint.

Recently a friend and I made a trip to paint pottery. Her choice, 2 matching monogrammed mugs for herself and future roomie. My choice? Chip and dip platter! The inner hostess in me has comeout. I tried to incorporate the colors of my living. What do you think? I'm already thinking of ideas for my next creation. Try pottery painting near you!

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