Sunday, July 26, 2009

B Studious

There are a few necessitites for being studious all day in class, here are some things I think are a must for anyone striving for A's this coming school year...

1. Longchamp 'Le Pliage' Tote LARGE: as stated before in a previous post. A large tote is a necessity so that you fit all your basics. The 'le pliage' tote is great because it is light weight and doesn't get dirty easily! It comes in a variety colors so you can have your choice. If $145 is too pricey for you then look at websites that offer old season colors on sale. Don't want just one color on the bag? Go to and you can customize your own bag! Choose hardware color, main tote color and even add a stripe down the middle of a contrasting color.

2. Laptop: Though as shown I am impartial to Apple products. The macbooks are lightweight and easy to carry. I even suggest getting a hard cover for the macbook, you can choose from a few colors and make your macbook different. Go to the Apple store to purchase your new macbook and hardcover!

3. iPhone: I told you, I am impartial to Apple products! Though you should not be texting during class (we all do it) the iphone has great applications that will help you be studious. Try myhomework, you can put in all information regarding your classes including course name, instructor and room number. You will never be that dork holding out your schedule or map again! Once your classes are programmed you're ready to add your homework, myhomework will organize your homework into a to do list starting with the most urgent.

4. Moleskin: It's time to grow up and put your superhero note book away... The moleskin is a classic notebook that will be a great place to jot down your inspirations, ideas, etc. It comes in many different sizes and page types. Visit your nearest Barnes and Noble to find your next notebook!

5. Rubber Cement: If you are a fashion student, attend art school, or any other design profession I can't explain to you how many bottles of rubber cement you will go through! Rubber cement is a great glue for mounting all paper products. Unlike the old school Elmer's rubber cement has no water in it so you get no wrinkles while mounting paper. Rubber cement is a necessity, you never know when a project will have a slip up!

6. Clif Bar: Need a healthy snack? You aren't going to find it in the vending machine next to the temping starbursts and doritos. Go for a clif bar, plenty of flavors and typically under 300 calories. I always have one in my bag when I need a pick me up instead of going for more caffeine. Buy them at bulk at most grocery stores instead of individually to save you a few bucks!

7. Water: Hello! I hope no one thinks they can go all day without water! Though it is pretty easy to forget. That is why I buy the biggest bottle I can find so that I will be sure to drink my daily intake throughout the day. Be more eco friendly and purchase a reusable water bottle!

8. Fashion magazine: I am not telling you to read this during class but it is always helpful to have some light reading in between classes. If you read magazines often buy a subscription! You will typically get your issue before it hits the stands so you will always be on top of the latest gossip or fashions. You may even find some inspiration for your next project!

9. Pashmina: Regardless of the season it can be very chilly. But typically in the ending summer months the air conditioning is still running which makes your summer dress a little more chilly rather then cooling when outside. Use the pashmina as a wrap, scarf, blanket. Nordstrom's has a great selection. You want an even better deal? Know a friend or relative visiting Europe soon? There are great Italian pashminas sold on the street for as little as 10 euros. Thats only 15 American dollars!

So there you are, my necessities for being the studious student you know you want to be just one more thing... don't forget your text books!

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