Wednesday, February 10, 2010

B Creative

From a young age I couldn't get enough of craft stores. I would beg my dad to take me on a Saturday and he'd ask me "what are you going to craft?" I'd probably most likely roll my eyes and say "I don't know Dad, I will figure it out when I'm in the store!" Which is true till this day. I have always had the knack for crafting and creating.

While I was cleaning my room just a couple weeks ago, I looked at my memory board that held pictures, postcards, etc and realized I'm sick of using it that way. I had wanted a new way to display my jewelry also that was functional but appealing. So being the crafter I am and much a doer in this scenario, I changed my memory board into a new jewelry holder.

I simply took my cheap memory board that I bought at an art & frame store years ago. Small nails work perfect to create the holder so that they don't distract from the jewelry and give the appearance of the jewelry hanging on its own. Simply just nail the nails into the backing until they are secure (they will poke through in the back a bit so be careful). Choose your favorite jewelry to display and add as many nails as you desire to show your jewelry as now wall decor. Feel free to even still addd a few of your favorite photos to still be displayed with your necklaces. Pretty easy huh?

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