Monday, February 08, 2010

B Picky

I have had the reputation of being very picky. I am very certain to what I may eat and when (never leftovers) and I prefer well made denim that give me the perfect fit compared to the pair you will have to re wash before every wear. Though I remained picky in my shopping choices in 2009 that doesn't mean I didn't let some cases slip by me. That is why I have created some essentials for 2010. Some may be what you might call 'resolutions' but others are just pure items I don't want to live without in the next decade or season.

OPI Nail Polish: 2009 may have created a nail polish junkie in myself that I cannot walk into a beauty supply store without a new shade. OPI nail laquer always has the best colors embarking on new trends without mentioning their adorable titles!

J Brand Denim: On days where work will keep me from wearing blue denim, you can find me in my black skinnies. I live in them, I sell them constantly because they are the best fit I've had. So comfortable and flattering they are essential to your closet to break the mold of blue denim. Though there is a reason why blue denim is a classic and J Brand does the classic justice. While J Brands are known for running a bit small unlike many other denims, it is rare that they will stretch out. J Brand's spring washes are going on my NEED list.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant: Never thought I'd write about deodorant on my blog huh? Well don't skip over this. There are a few things that stick with you from high school. Those that do are very important to you and this is one of them. For years I have done nothing but rave about this Donna Karan deodorant! I can't live without it. It lasts forever, doesn't have that annoying deodorant smell and goes on easily. You would have to think this a great product for $18. I know it sounds crazy but it lasts forever and will out beat any cheap product at the drugstore. If you want to wait for a deal, almost every year Nordstrom sells a pack of 3 of the product for their Anniversary Sale. I buy a new pack every year and it lasts me more than over the year.

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