Tuesday, February 09, 2010

B Mine


It's that time of year again. You can't walk into a store without being overwhelmed with little pink and red hearts, half naked babies with arrows and loads of candy. Yep, its February! And Valentine's Day is on everyone's mind. Now typically a blog post would either rant about how much hallmark has created a holiday or how special this is to share with someone you love. Me? I just love all the pink and gifts!

Superficial? Maybe... but how else do you plan on passing this holiday. There are a few gifts I have found that I would love for Valentine's day and I'm sure your girlfriend, best friend, sister would love them to.
See By Chloe makeup clutch: Keeping with the pink theme, this adorable makeup clutch looks cute in and outside of your handbag to organize it all.

Natori Lace Cami Bra: Now I don't want to get into the stereotypes of Valentine's day but lets admit that lingerie is just one. But here is something just a little different. This bra passes for a cami underneath blouses. It looks great under anything low cut, I just had to buy it in both ivory and black for myself!

Bangles: So I do have one negative feeling about Valentines Day. All the cheesy jewelry commercials and ugly jewelry too! Something fun like bangles is a great just cause gift and doesn't seem to intimate becuase lets face it if you're going to hand a women a black box for jewelry she'll be wanting something specific, but bangles are cute and fun and great to layer on top of eachother for spring!

Romantic Novels: There is nothing like giving a vintage love story novel as a gift. Pretty romantic and looks great on the shelves! Anthropologie has a number of classics printed in this vintage look that usually may be hard to find in good condition these days. Regardless if she won't read it over and over it will something to add to the mantle and look pretty instead of flowers that won't last the week. 

iPod speaker: You can't look at this and not think how adorable it is. Who doesn't want a portable speaker shaped as a heart? enough said.
Parker floral mini dress: If Valentine's day doesn't put love in the air then Springtime definitely does. Everything floral and girly is romantic and I have to say I'm currently obsessed with this Parker dress. I have seen some other Parker designs while browsing through Barney's and can't help but love the mini floral prints!

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