Thursday, February 04, 2010

B Dreaming

Getting lost into a character's world is one of my favorite parts of the movies. And there is a reason why I love producer Nancy Meyers' films. The set design on these productions is incredible and guarantee you have seen the same movies and have agreed. My whole family would agree with me that we could move into anyone of the sets and be perfectly happy! What I love about Nancy Meyer's films is that all these characters have something in common, they are strong women with fabulous kitchens! Don't we all aspire to be fabulous with an amazing kitchen? I look at these sets for inspiration for decorating my own house so I thought you'd enjoy!

Meryl Streep's house in It's Complicated

Kate Winslet's cottage in The Holiday


Diane Keaton's house in Something's Gotta Give

Cameron Diaz's house in The Holiday (My favorite!)

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