Thursday, February 25, 2010

B Mad

I bet this isn't news to you but a remake of the childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland is coming to life by Tim Burton. I know surprise surprise, I say that sarcastically because you can't walk anywhere without seeing a new line of merchandise or poster catching on to the mad mad phenomenon.

OPI collection was one of the first of the craze with their Alice in Wonderland collection including colors such as Absolutely Alice, Off with her Red!, Thanks so muchness and my personal favorite Mad as a hatter. Beauty stores couldn't keep these colors in the stores long enough for everyone to see every color. I still buy a new bottle every time I see a straggler just in case I run out of my favorite shade. Another beauty brand Urban Decay also created their own line of Alice in Wonderland "Book of Shadows" and have quickly sold out.

Along with these two beauty empires I myself got caught up in the crazy wonderland in my own group project with school. If you have taken time to read 'About B' then you have noticed that along with keeping up with 'Just B' I am also a student studying fashion marketing. I have had many projects so far in my education but this is one I am very proud to be behind. It all began with an idea that led to inspiration which then became why 'we're all MAD here'.

Alice in Wonderland is a story that we've grown up with and the mastermind of Tim Burton will just be creating another world for us to fall for. Hold your breath for a very important date on March 5th.

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Stylelista Confessions said...

umm lets go see the midnight showing of this movie k!

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