Friday, September 24, 2010

B Daily: Limited Editon Chanel polish days of the week

Since my trip to New York my most frequent question received is "So, what did you buy?". And my favorite answer is Chanel nail polishes. Don't know how this addiction developed but I know why it doesn't stop. Nail polishes are in plenty and always so many colors to choose from but if you want to know what this season's top color is? You can never go wrong when following Chanel.

The release of the Les Khakis De Chanel polish trio was in celebration of Fashion's Night Out, the same night where Chanel celebrated their Soho store re-opening with what else than two more limited edition polishes. With so many events within SoHo shuffling to and from I didn't have the patience to wait in the line for Chanel (blasphemy I know). But oh the power of online shopping. With a few clicks and impatient page loading 5 polishes were purchased. Yep, my big New York City purchase was online and the waiting began. Ten days later they finally arrived.

While I can't choose just one to share I thought a Chanel days of the week would be appropriate. A new polish Monday through Friday. Wish we had that days of the week collection in elementary school.

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365 Fashion Rehab said...

Okay, these are tooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!! I love them! If only they came with your own personal manicurist...

Love, P

365 Fashion Rehab

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