Saturday, October 17, 2009

B Rewarded

Wow so it does not feel like it was just yesterday I was posting, B Jaded, about Chanel's new jade nail color. It feels like a month rather than a couple weeks when I pre-ordered the nail polish. When October 1st arrived, I raced to to find my beloved Jade nail polish was already out of stock. I quickly called my nearest Nordstom and found that the nail polish will only be sold in Chanel boutiques and online. Well what do I do now? I realized that Nordstom number 1 store in downtown Seattle has a boutique inside of their Nordstrom. Quickly I call, and success! I am am allowed to pre order my delicious nail polish. So finally the wait was over and I am allowed to grace my nails with the presence of Jade.

8 months ago Jade was debuted on the Chanel Fall 2009 RTW runway
1 months ago Who What Wear featured the Jade nail polish as a hot commodity
3 weeks I blogged about my newest obsession
4 hours ago I came home to a little cardboard box on my doorstep
1 hour ago FINALLY it is on my nails

Now I am on to waiting for my next obsession.

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