Tuesday, December 28, 2010

B Dazzled: A year of sparkles

Harper's Bazaar took the sequins right out of my mouth with their 2011 calendar. Just goes to show that this coming year can be filled with sparkles each month of the year. The publication left rhinestone nails February and March but I plan on pulling this one out for my birthday month of January. And just let my list of ways to wear sparkle begin.

January: Rhinestone birthday nails
February: Glitter valentines
March: Emerald green jewels on ears
April: Shower in sequins
May: Sequin mini skirt
June: Watch the sunset sparkle on water
July: Tan in sequined bikini
August: Transitional summer to fall sparkle
September: Fall golden headpiece
October: Jeweled masks
November: Glitter pumpkins part two
December: Sequins from head to toe

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