Wednesday, December 29, 2010

B Project: So you want to start a blog...

I get a lot of questions asking why and how did I start my blog. I feel like such a disappointment when I say “I was bored one day” rather than “I had this marvelous business idea”. Nope, it was all creativity and wanting to share it that got Just B starting. The New Year is a great time to start a blog if you ever thought about the idea so I thought I’d give some basic tips for the New Year’s new bloggers.

What are you going to write about? I started my blog with an emphasis of fashion because I love shopping and have a horrible addiction but don’t try to hold my self to one subject. Keep this in mind when you think about what you should share on your blog. Anyone can write a blog from accountants, stylists, interior decorators or cooks! If you aren’t an expert of a certain niche then giving yourself a broader subject will probably be best. This way you can just share whatever you feel inspired by in 2011. 

Be careful when creating a subject that you can grow with. For example “B’s adventures of 2011” Once 2011 ends, it will be expected for your blog to also.

What are you going to call it? Naming your blog might be the hardest part. I’ve had many brainstorming sessions with friends who began writing their blog. Take in mind what you plan on writing about. If you don’t have a niche subject then keep it simple with your name. Play around with words, the thesaurus will be your best friend. Don’t rush your name as this is what will be the first thing one might notice when browsing your blog. 

What is is going to look like? There are a billion blog designers out there that would love to help you brainstorm a layout for your blog. But if you can read directions and know any basic computer knowledge then just remember to google. I have worked on my own blog design by googling and seeking counsel from others. Create a header in photoshop and your blog design can be unique and your own. 

Now what? Start writing. Writing frequently will help you with the most success to gain readers but don’t stress yourself out. If you are in need of inspiration subscribe to newsletters, browse the internet for different things you can share to your readers. Try even creating a weekly post that your readers will be expecting each week to check back on.

Lastly! Love what you are writing about! It is clear to readers when you are writing a blog just to gain recognition. A blog is a way to share with your readers your unique perception and expertise on a certain subject matter. As long as you love to write and blog then you will have no problem being a blog success in 2011.

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