Thursday, December 23, 2010

B Festive: Hair Tinsel

Yesterday I mentioned on twitter and facebook that I was going to get hair tinsel. I got many curious responses just asking "what is hair tinsel?". Well to make it as simple as possible, hair tinsel is literally shiny tinsel for your hair. I know you've seen it on Beyonce and maybe that Real Housewife if you pay attention but its just another girly thing we get to do.

My sister and I went to Swink Style Bar in downtown Seattle which got us both addicted to blow outs. The Swink Style Bar is a blow out and stye salon only so there is never that anxious feeling of wondering how or what color your hair will turn out (my sister's words). The hair tinsel comes in a number of colors and we both decided to go with bronze. With her lighter dirty blonde hair it stood out and glistened while against my darker brunette it shined and highlighted my natural color.

The tinsel is tied to the root of two hairs and simply lasts as long as your hair does so no damage to your hair line. There are different ways to wear the tinsel and the upcoming New Year's Eve parties would be the perfect time to have a bit more fun and get tinselfied (my word)!

Tying on the tinsel

Finished product beneath her natural part

Tinsel very subtle in between my curls


ashe mischief said...

This is so fascinating! I think I saw another blogger have feathers put in her hair from that same salon? New Orleans could use some innovative places like that!

Anonymous said...

Who would have though!? It looks gorgeous! It is a great tip for this holiday season.=)

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Your Friends,

Anonymous said...

i think you great with the tinsel, but honestly i could never pay money to have anyone tie tinsel to my scalp. :s it does look very pretty in the curls though. i imagine you'l get some beautiful photographs when the light hits your hair :)

LC Bat said...

Lovely! The style looks like something it'd be relatively easy to do on your own, and I like how based on just switching up the shade of tinsel, you can go for a subtle glimmer or a really bold statement. I'd like to see, or create, a follow-up on this to see the pros and cons of getting it professionally done vs. home-application.

Kelsi said...

Oh, I LOVE hair tinsel! I first saw it on one of my clients about 3 years ago. She had just come back from a trip to India and it was really popular there, but I couldn't find ANY information about it or ANYONE in the U.S. who was doing it at the time. Now it seems like it's blowing up all over the place. We do it at my salon too, of course! I always opt for hot pink though ;)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oooh, i love it!! great idea!

blue said...

I love this! I actually think I saw a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills rocking this look, but you (obv) look way better.

Your photos are beautiful

I am following you now on Blogger! You should check out my blog here

Kelly said...

Holy cow, this looks awesome curled! Can you shampoo & style as normal?

Judy said...

Cute idea! It looks great amidst the curls!


B said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! It was inexpensive and lasted for almost a week. I showered regularly but was just gentle around the tied knots.

So much fun!

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Wow, that is really creative.
The pictures look so amazing.

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