Wednesday, December 15, 2010

B Jetsetting: Packing up the closet

Finally, the day has come where I am headed back to the concrete jungle. My last visit was back in September (here and here) and I have been craving some East coast attention. I have briefly shared on my twitter and facebook that I am will be in New York to shoot a video style series with Dressbarn! I am very excited about this project and really can't wait till I learn more so I can spill all the juicy details to you.

The impromptu trip to New York came just before I was going to head to Seattle for Christmas with friends and family so to make as least possible trips through airport security I will be flying directly to Seattle after. That means some serious clever packing. I hope you aren't looking for some brilliant packing philsophy because you'll be dissappointed. My system is to pull everything I love/want to wear at the moment then making it fit. Which always leads to going back and eliminating while really needing to think about what is needed and what is frivolous (insert gasp here).

I managed to pack the essentials: sequins, lace, all jewelry, eight nail polishes, leopard scarf and of course, those delicious Elizabeth and James booties.

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