Thursday, December 02, 2010

B Light: Cozy candle favorites

Last year I bought this white chocolate mousse candle from Anthropologie. I light it every night to get the scents that remind you of the holidays. I loved how the scent reminded me of all the sweetness of Christmas. Now as I'm on the search for my new candle for the season I came across these even cozier candles from Anthropologie. These cable knitted and ball of yarn candles create a soft decor while you curl up on the couch. I love wearing big oversize knits during the winter and curling up with a knitted blanket that just barely covers your bare toes. Time to curl up and light a candle with a hot chocolate, the best time of year.

Large CableKnit Candle

Medium Cableknit Candle

Ball of Yarn Candle

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