Monday, December 20, 2010

B Recap: Christmas in NYC

Wow. Can't believe I was just in New York City less than a week ago. It was all last week where I only checked facebook and twitter on my iPhone, let my unread posts on google reader go up to the hundreds and failed miserably at planning posts while I was away with Dressbarn. The video shoot was an all day event on Thursday and I really can't wait to tell you more but I am. It is hard to explain the exact details of the shoot and so I am going to make you bear with me as I also anxiously wait for the final product!

Meanwhile, I will give you my favorite part of New York City during Christmas. If you've been to NYC and didn't like it or you've been and loved it and it was never during the holidays then, go again. I fell in love with NYC all over. With the bright lights and cold air, you can't help but dream. (Am I cheesy enough for you right now?) Promptly on my arrival I met contacts for drinks then found my way to dinner with two of my very favorite bloggers Lauren and Erika. Met these girls back in September during Evolving Influence and it was such an amazing time of gabbing about fashion, blogging and our love for NYC.

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