Tuesday, January 11, 2011

B Birthday: Ups and downs

My birthday yesterday didn't go exactly to plan. Last week I shared my tumble on New Years Eve where the ER doctor assured me it wasn't broken or fractured. "Just a 5-6 day injury, you'll be great in a week." Well as over a week came and my birthday, there wasn't much improvement to my foot so I decided to take another trip to a podiatrist (foot doctor, fyi). In the end, he laughed at what the ER doctor said and showed me, yep showed me, the fracture in my metatarsal (big foot bone, google it) bone. So this 5-6 day injury became a 6-8 week injury.

I still look at my shoes and miss wearing them. I'm not angry or upset, just jealous of all the other girls in heels. My foot attire for the new year isn't exactly what I expected but it will be needed to get healed correctly so that one day I can wear those heels again. So as my birthday continued my family and friends did an amazing job to forget about my foot. With a great dinner and then a surprising end to the night with friends hiding in the dark of my house screaming "SURPRISE!" with ice cream and cake, I was taken off guard standing on my crutches and thankful I didn't fall over.

So here we start, the journey to when B can wear heels again. Prepare for many heel posts and a couple complaints along the way but otherwise it will be an interesting journey to put my foot in pain again after heeling.

You would have loved to fallen in these too.
What the ER gave me to protect my foot and what the Podiatrist gave. See the difference?
Perfect birthday napkins.

Perfect end to the day.


gtea said...

great entry brooke :) and i'm super jealous of your orange frees!

blue said...

Greetings little lady and happy birthday. I totally feel your pain, as I write this comment wearing the very sexy boot that is pictured above. I cannot wait to ditch it for my heels. However for now it looks ok with leggings and there are always maxi skirts(thank god they are in style now!!!!)

So, I am an official follower of your blog and actually have my own streetstyle blog. I am holding my very first personal style giveaway. The best 3 looks posted score some classic Chanel makeup and will be featured on my site.

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Anonymous said...

this cake looks DELISH!! (Happy Belated Birthday girl!)
xx Melody


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