Saturday, January 15, 2011

B Smooth: Sugar scrub obsession

Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub
I love bubble baths. I love bath products and always find myself buying more than needed but new scents and new products are like bath toys, more the merrier. Yesterday I picked up this new Eucalyptus Spearmint sugar scrub and I don't know how I got on without it. My skin has never felt so smooth from the scrub and oils that soaked in after. The smell is light with a refreshing reminder of a day spa. Don't take a bath without this!

Sugar scrub is large raw sugar crystal soaked into oils that you scrub on your body head to toe to rid of dead skin cells. The rejuvenating sugar scrub also helps help blood flow throughout the body. Avoid using on your face if it is specifically a body scrub since the oils may clog up your pores. Instead, use a face specific sugar scrub where the crystal will be smaller and less harming to your delicate face skin. Here are a few other I am eager to try soon myself....

Ole Henriksen face scrub/ Cake brown sugar body scrub

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