Thursday, January 13, 2011

B Switched: iPhone 4 trendy cases

The big announcement has been officially made. iPhone 4 will be headed to Verizon in February. I am one that has never complained about AT&T's service because I always just wanted an iPhone and so did all those people that were complaining. But now everyone has more options and hopefully my FaceTime list will increase as it is my newest obsession. I made a quick iPhone 4 case puchase at the store of a candy neon pink but after finding these other cases I might have to make a case switch soon.

5. DANNIJO Rawson 4g iphone case in pink multi -$95
6. Kate Spade iPhone hard cover -$40


Jennifer said...

I've been looking to buy a new case for some time now... and I was just reading a bunch of your posts and came across THIS!
How AMAZING is that black and white polka-dot, kate spade? LOVE.

iPhone 4s Case said...

super cute! I love these darling cases!

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