Monday, January 03, 2011

B New: What a start to 2011

It's a new year and already it is one I will not forget. My twitter followers are already in on it after you've seen my tweets I sent from the hospital. Yep, I started the new year in a wheelchair. The things we do for fashion, wearing 4 inch heels in a populated place. Long story short, I fell and chipped a few places in my foot. Not bad enough to need a cast or surgery but I do have a new accessory called crutches. The new year can only get better from here right?

Before the night had ended I decided to embrace 2011 in a new way with keeping my old favorite of sparkles in abundance but adding a new accent of red lips. I have been scared in the past to wear red lips worried about it smudging or just not being able to pull it off. Well 2011 started with a new love because the red lips were a hit! I wore Yves Saint Laurent #20 rouge on my lips with a BCBG Maxazria top, Ann Taylor jewelry and J Crew glitter clutch. 

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