Friday, January 14, 2011

B Search: Handbags, shoes and wanted

The last week while I've been subject to the couch I have been trying to prepare for when I can get out. That entailed the perfect bag to keep my hands free while of course looking good. I get stuck in these situations where I say I'm desperate but we know I am too picky to put a Jansport on my back (no offense Jansport carriers).

It took me a few tries and a lot of research regarding size to make sure the essentials, mainly my laptop, would fit in the bag. I had my heart on Tory Burch but went to my favorite man in the business, Marc Jacobs. I ordered the bag from and got upgraded shipping thanks to twitter.

marc by marc jacobs q49 franny shopper
I don't have too many options of shoes as of lately. My left foot is constantly in my Nike Frees but I decided to take the plunge into the TOMS world. I keep seeing them on everyone's feet and thought it'd be a good shoe to keep me stable on one foot. Complete review to come on my first pair of TOMS.
toms bennett metallic slip on

And just like my the shopper I am there are so many finds I saw this week that are still on my wanted list...

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